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What To Do When Your Foundation Repair is Complete

How to restore normalcy when the foundation repair is done…

It’s not always easy to restore normalcy after a significant home repair, especially something as involved as restoring your home’s foundation. While Ram Jack Texas will be sure to leave your home as clean and well preserved as possible after we finish our job, you still may have a bit of work to do in order to get your house into optimum condition.

If the foundation problem with your home was significant or longstanding, it may have caused cracks in drywall, damage to landscaping, or other issues not within the scope of Ram Jack’s expertise. While Ram Jack will surely remedy your foundation problems and leave your foundation in top-notch condition, we can’t promise that the same for some of the damage caused by your settling foundation prior to our arrival. In addition, even though we do our best to minimize any damage done during the repair, it is possible that repositioning the foundation will have unexpected consequences.

There are a number of areas that you may need to address after the work is finished.

Completed foundation repair on house


A settling foundation may have opened cracks in the walls. In fact, this is often the first sign of a foundation issue. While a foundation repair may close those cracks, it will not always completely eliminate their appearance. It’s common for cosmetic blemishes to remain visible even after a foundation is restored. Be ready to get out your drywall repair kit or hire a specialist to get everything into perfect cosmetic condition.


It’s always a good idea to keep a few extra tiles, boards, or other flooring materials around in case damage occurs. A damaged foundation often leads to floor damage due to settling and shifting. Use the spare materials to patch up any broken tiles or jagged edges after the foundation is back in place.


Grading is important to protecting your foundation from water damage. So after Ram Jack leaves, it’s important that you take the time to restore your yard and properly grade it to prevent future issues.

Restoring Normalcy After Foundation Repair

After Ram Jack leaves, take a look around your home. Make a list of a few of the items that need addressing. Whether you want to do the work yourself or hire a contractor, it’s important to keep a checklist of all apparent issues and address them sooner than later.

Ram Jack Texas is Here to Help

Ram Jack of Texas is well versed in any issues that may come up before or during a foundation repair, so we’ll be sure and let you know of any potential issues. And you can rest assured that with us, the job will be done right the first time. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a free consultation, contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.