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Ram Jack Uses Genuine American Steel for All Repairs

The Importance of Quality, American Products to Repair Your Foundation

Made in USA logoRam Jack Texas uses only the highest quality,Genuine American steel piles
American products to repair your foundation. While our other competitors may cut costs by using cheaper, imported materials of lower quality, Ram Jack is committed to repairing your foundation with the best products available, ensuring that the work we do will provide an immediate repair as well as a permanent solution.

American Made Steel

America has been the top manufacturer of high strength, high quality steel since the early 1900s when it took over for Britain as the world’s predominant manufacturer of the metal. American steel companies use top quality iron ore and advanced technology to produce the best steel in the world. Imported steel often suffers from quality issues, but not genuine, American steel.

Ram Jack Uses American Steel to Repair Your Foundation

Ram Jack Texas uses bonafide American steel when we repair your foundation. Whether we’re installing driven piles, helical piles, or using lateral support brackets, our foundation repair products are made of 100% top-quality American steel. This means that the repair we do on your foundation is of the highest quality and will last for decades to come.

When it comes to your home, you don’t want to cut corners. While you may be able to find another company that uses cheaper materials to repair your foundation, in the long run, you and your home will pay for it. A few bucks now may translate to major costs later.

Ram Jack Texas

Ram Jack Texas is an American company that takes pride in using American steel to make sure your foundation is as solid, even, and strong as possible. If your home needs a foundation repair, or if you would like to know if it does, call Ram Jack Texas for a free consultation. We’d love to meet you, and we’d love even more to show you the quality work we’re capable of.