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Your Foundation, Heat Loss, and Rising Utility Costs

When you think of your home’s foundation, you probably don’t think about rising utility costs. But maybe you should!  Have you experienced heat loss in your home? Have you noticed that your heating bill has been slowly creeping higher and higher? A number of factors may be to blame, and one of them is a faulty foundation. If your foundation sags or cracks, it may lead to void spaces around your windows, doors, or in your attic. Even small voids in these areas allow hot or cold air to escape, which translates to rising utility costs for you.

Causes of Foundation Damage

Even if your foundation was well built, it cannot escape Father Time.  As years pass and seasons change, it is constantly subject to moisture, soil changes, and other environmental elements that cause damage. And if your foundation wasn’t built as well as it should have been to begin with, it is even more susceptible to damage.

In addition to normal wear and tear, natural disasters may also be to blame for foundation damage. Whether it is a flood, an earthquake, or other unforeseeable event, your foundation may bear the brunt of unforeseeable events.

How to Tell There is Foundation Damage

It’s not always easy to determine whether there is foundation damage. A few things to look for are sagging floors, uneven windows and doors, cracks and bulges in the walls, or cracks in the foundation itself. If you’re suspicious, the best thing you can do is to have an expert take a look. Call Ram Jack of Texas today for a free foundation inspection.

Foundation Damage and Heat Loss

As your foundation moves, joints and seals move with it. This may open spaces that allow cold air in or warm air out. This means rising utility costs. All of us want to save money, and Ram Jack of Texas is here to help you do just that. Give Ram Jack a call. Whether you are looking for a professional inspection to ensure that everything is where it should be or need an extensive foundation overhaul, our expert consultants and contractors will take care of all of your foundation needs.