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When Do You Need a Home Safety and Foundation Inspection?

Let’s face it – most homeowners are far from home repair experts. For most of us, it’s difficult to tell when something around the house needs inspection or repair. While we won’t miss a leaky faucet or broken window, we might miss a sagging foundation or other, hidden issue. Ram Jack of Texas wants to help. If you’re concerned about the state of your home, your foundation, or are interested in purchasing a new home, a safety and foundation inspection is absolutely vital. A Ram Jack professional will be happy to assist you.

5 Signs You Need a Professional Safety and Foundation Inspection

Signs of a Failing Foundation

Signs of a failing foundation

As time passes, your foundation may succumb to moisture, shifting soil, tree roots, or other factors that cause damage. When should you have a professional take a look? If you notice cracks in the walls, uneven floors, windows that are hard to open, or sticky doors, it’s possible that your foundation needs repair. Also, if you notice cracks in the foundation itself or in the basement, there is also cause for concern. Have Ram Jack of Texas take a look, before the problem gets any worse.

Roof Problems

If you see water stains on your ceilings or walls, you might have a leaky roof. Just a few missing shingles can let water in, which slowly lets moisture into hidden spaces throughout your hose. Before long, this moisture can deteriorate wood, drywall, and other structural members of your home.

Worn Out Walls

If your walls bulge, are cracked, or appear uneven, it may mean larger problems are looming behind the surface. It could be a foundation problem, or it could be something else. In any case, it’s important to have a professional take a look.

Utility Problems

Electrical problems can lead to fires, and even the smallest leaks can do major damage to your home. Over time, corrosion of either of these systems can be majorly problematic. If you suspect a small leak, or have noticed electrical abnormalities, have a professional inspection done. Not only will you save yourself from a major plumbing disaster or electrical fire, but you’ll also have peace of mind.

Grading Problems

Proper grading is essential to the health of your foundation. If water doesn’t move properly away from your foundation, it may seep into the soil near your home and lead to foundation damage. Make sure that the gradient of your lawn or yard directs water away from the home. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to do so, call Ram Jack of Texas. We’ll set you on the right path.

Professional Inspection and Repair

If your home shows any of these signs or if you’re worried about foundation issues, call Ram Jack of Texas today. We’ll schedule a free foundation inspection and answer any questions we can regarding your home. Our staff is trained, experienced, and certified to determine the needs of your home and perform the repairs needed to get it in ideal shape.