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The Best Foundation Repair Method

Cracked foundationThe Best Foundation Repair Method

A lot of companies claim to have the best foundation repair method, but only one does – Ram Jack Texas. Why? Not only does Ram Jack Texas have the best trained and most experienced professionals to do the job, but we also use the finest materials and engineering techniques to repair and secure your foundation for years to come.

Ram Jack Materials

The best method for foundation repair depends on using the best materials. Ram Jack Texas uses patented steel piles made of 100% American steel. They are designed to last, and they penetrate deep into the soil to increase the stability of your home or commercial structure. Furthermore, Ram Jack Texas’ driving methods and installation techniques ensure they provide the ultimate support for your most valued possession.

Ram Jack Texas uses either driven or helical piles depending on the job to be performed. Our driven piles are driven with a hydraulic ram and connected before reaching strong, load bearing soil to raise, support, and prevent future settlement. Our helical piles have large, spiral-shaped blades that twist the into the ground, allowing a shallow installation with an incredible amount of support.

Whether Ram Jack Texas uses helical or driven piles for your foundation repair, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.

Soil Injection 

Stabilizing soil through injection with chemical substances is a method that can help with construction or resolving foundation damage. It's a good option in areas with clay soil that is vulnerable to expand with water. Sometimes, it's best used in conjunction with other methods like helical piers.    

Alternative Methods of Foundation Repair

While other companies claim to provide quality repair, they probably use concrete press piles or concrete piers as their foundation repair method. These less expensive materials are not only more difficult and time intensive to install, they are also not made of strong or lasting material.

Ram Jack Texas – A Superior Method for Foundation Repair

If you want a foundation repair done right the first time with the best, strongest, and longest lasting materials with the most elite foundation repair method, call Ram Jack Texas. We have experienced professionals standing by, and we’d love the chance to improve the condition of your home or commercial structure.

Infographic: Inferior methods for foundation repair