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How to Choose a Foundation Repair Contractor…

BBB logoWhy Ram Jack of Texas is the right choice.

Home repair scams are everywhere! According to the Better Business Bureau, home repair scams have increased 60% over the past five years. Don’t be a victim! A home repair scam could cost you thousands of dollars along with countless hours and headaches trying to remedy the situation. Ram Jack of Texas wants to help you make the right choice in a foundation repair contractor. Here are a few ways you can make sure that you’re not the victim of an elaborate scam.

What should I look for in a foundation repair contractor?

First, make sure that the company has worker’s compensation insurance. While a lot of contractors say that they have insurance, they may not have insurance for all of their workers or the type of work being done. Make sure to ask to see the certificate of insurance to ensure there is adequate coverage.

Ram Jack contractorSecond, never pay for work in advance. While you may be required to lay down a deposit or small payment, there is no reason that you should pay more than a small percentage of the overall job. If the company or contractor asks for full payment up front, something’s fishy. You might be throwing your money away.

Third, make sure the company you’re paying is actually the company doing the job. Some contractors are really subcontractors, meaning they’ll leave you with a worker they’re not really associated with. This worker may not be screened, background checked, or experienced. Don’t let it happen!

Fourth, check reviews. The Internet is a great resource to figure out if a contractor or repair company does good work. Ram Jack of Texas has excellent reviews.

Fifth, get multiple estimates from different foundation repair contractors. Some companies may try to overcharge you. At the same time, you don’t want to hire someone just because they are the cheapest. Look for someone with a fair price, good reviews, and a lot of experience.

Ram Jack of Texas – Your Foundation Repair Contractor

If you need a foundation repair contractor, Ram Jack of Texas is here to help. Not only are we ensured and well-reviewed, but we’ll give you a free inspection and estimate before you have to commit to anything. All of our workers are highly trained and experienced. We can solve even the hardest, most complicated foundation issues. We use top quality equipment to provide the best results.