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Environmental Foundation Repair with Ram Jack Systems

Environmental Foundation Repair from Ram Jack of TexasEcon-friendly

Ram Jack of Texas is not only dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, most advanced, cost-effective, and efficient foundation repair possible, but we’re also committed to doing so without harming the environment. You might not realize that some repair companies use techniques that are unkind to the environment, but not Ram Jack of Texas. Our environmental foundation repair techniques will not only solve your foundation problem, but they’ll also do so without damaging the earth.

Foundation Repair and Environmental DamageSteel piles

Even the most well built home may eventually need a foundation repair. Traditional foundation repair has used concrete injection or replacing the slab altogether. Unfortunately, both of these fixes use poured concrete, a substance that can do serious environmental damage. Concrete itself is not very toxic, but it often includes very toxic chemicals that can seep into the soil around it, penetrating water sources and more. Furthermore, making concrete requires a lot of water while producing incredibly high carbon dioxide emissions. For this reason, environmental and scientific communities recommend repairing the foundation without pouring new concrete if at all possible.

Environmental Foundation Repair from Ram Jack of Texas

Ram Jack of Texas uses pile systems to repair your foundation. By using this technique, we are able to sustain your foundation without pouring new concrete, impacting the soil, releasing toxic emissions, or causing harm to the environment. Our steel piles have incredible strength, leveraging the natural strength of the soil without doing environmental harm.

Steel Piles – How do they work?

Ram Jack’s steel pile repair methods are superior for a number of reasons. We use a powerful head that provides concentrated support to your home or business foundation. When combined with a hydraulic ram, we can penetrate deep into the subsurface of the ground for incredible support and a durable, lasting, environmental solution.

Ram Jack of Texas – An Environmental Foundation Repair Alternative

An environmentally conscious foundation repair is possible, and Ram Jack of Texas can help you make it a reality. Our experts will look at your foundation, identify the problem, and find the best solution. And we’ll make sure we take care of the earth while we do so. For a free inspection or to ask questions about our environmental foundation repair, give us a call or schedule a free inspection.