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Selling a House with Foundation Issues

Are you trying to sell your home that is in need of repair? While you may have been able to put up with some of the little things that needed fixing around the house over the past few years, you know it’s time to address them, as each imperfection in a home for sale screams “added costs” to potential buyers.

Whether you know that a foundation repair is in order or are suspicious that you might need one, it’s best to take care of the problem before a home inspector finds it. There’s nothing worse than falling out of escrow or unexpectedly having to lower the asking price of your home after uncovering something like a foundation problem.undefined

Inspect For and Disclose Damage Prior to Sale

It’s best to open and honest about the home you are selling. In addition, most escrow processes involve a professional home inspection, which will reveal anything you are trying to hide anyway. A home inspector will notice even small cracks, so it’s best to have them addressed prior to the process.

If you have documentation of a recent inspection with you, you can nip the problem in the bud without any further drama or taking a financial hit. Selling a home is serious business, and you don’t want to have any unforeseen problems or circumstances.

What if my home is for sale AND needs a foundation repair?

If you’re selling a home that needs a foundation repair, you have two main options.

Hire a Foundation Repair Contractor

First, you can hire the professionals at Ram Jack Texas - Houston to come and take care of the issue prior to sale. This is perhaps the best and most reasonable option, as it allows you to sell your home at full price and will stop any resistance from potential buyers who are scared of having to repair the issue themselves.

Lower Your Asking Price

Second, you can lower the price of your home to a number consistent with the damage. This might be a good problem if you would like to sell the property “as is” or are out of the area and unable to deal with a repair.

Ram Jack Texas - Houston and Your Home for Sale

Selling a home with structural issues can be difficult. Whatever conclusion you come to, Ram Jack Texas is here to help you work through it. Whether you need an inspection and estimate of what it would take to repair foundation damage or you want the repair done as quickly as possible, our experienced professionals will be happy to assist you. Selling a home doesn’t need to be any more difficult than it already is, so we are here to help.

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