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Foundation Repair on Plano Home

A home located in Plano, TX was experiencing interior slab settlement along a load bearing wall. Ram Jack of Texas installed six interior driven pilings to repair the home. Before the installation crew arrived, the area had to be cleared of all furniture and flooring. Having a post-tension slab, the crew began by locating the interior grade beams. The slab was then opened up in 18”x18” squares for access. Steel brackets and hydraulic system were set and prepared for steel piling drive. Settlement caused a column inside the home to lean leaving a gap and damaging the trim. After the drive and lift, the piles were secured by means of a threaded strap which was kept below the top of the concrete to ensure it wasn’t intruding into the living space. The column returned to its original placement after the lift. At the end of the day, the holes were backfilled and compacted, then covered for safety. The next morning, concrete was poured back into place and the room was cleaned up. After proper curing time, only about 24 hours, the flooring and furniture were returned to their original placement.

Foundation repair beforeFoundation repair after