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The Financial Benefits of Early Foundation Repair

The Financial Benefits of Early Foundation Repair

We’ve blogged in the past about whether or not it is wise to wait to repair your foundation, and we made it clear as to why you don’t want to let foundation problems go untreated.  In that blog, we focused on the problems that ignoring a needed foundation repair might lead to.  However, we didn’t get into the financial benefits of early repair, which are many.

So what are the benefits of early foundation repair?

First – money!  The price of foundation repair varies depending on the nature and severity of the issue Ram Jack Texas encounters.  As a general rule, when a foundation repair is ignored for a period of time, it worsens.  This leads to increased foundation repair costs.  By fixing your foundation early, you will save money.

Second – time!  Ram Jack Texas is able to finish most of our foundation repair jobs in very minimal time, often in as little as one work day.  However, when a foundation issue goes ignored, it often becomes more complicated.  This means that the repair will likely be more involved and time consuming.  A one day job can turn into something quite a bit longer.

Third – peace of mind!  If you know that your foundation has problems, it probably bugs you.  While you might like to be able to ignore it completely, it’s constantly in the back of your mind.  Furthermore, you’re left wondering how long you can safely ignore it, if it will get worse, and how

much it will cost.  Ram Jack Texas can take the guesswork out of this problem with a free inspection.  We will not only tell you if there is a needed repair, but also how much it will cost, how much time it will take, and what will likely happen if you choose to ignore the problem.

Ram Jack Texas

The benefits of early foundation repair are overwhelming.  Not only that, with a free inspection and lifetime warranty from Ram Jack Texas, you have nothing to lose.  Give us a call – we can’t wait to be of help.