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Foundation Repair Costs – What to Expect

Foundation Repair Costs

People call us every day asking how much it will cost to repair their foundation.  While we’d love to be able to provide a quick answer, it’s just not that simple.  Foundation repair is complex, and foundation repair costs vary according to the job.  Some repairs require minimal equipment and man-hours, while other jobs need custom pieces, special installation equipment, and a team of workers working multiple days.

What factors affect repair costs?

Foundation Repair Costs

  • Preparation – The amount of prep needed to complete a foundation repair depends on a number of things.  First, is there easy access to the repair area?  If the needed repair is taking place on the edge of a cliff where equipment isn’t easily transported, it may require more hours to complete.  Second, is demolition or excavation required?  While some of our repairs only need a quick pile installation, others need drilling, opening new holes in existing foundations, or extensive digging.
  • Engineering – As you can imagine, lifting and stabilizing the foundation in one area of a home is completely different from repairing the foundation in the wing of a commercial structure.  Depending on the type of job, custom engineering may be required.
  • Equipment – It’s simple!  Equipment costs money.  Usually bigger jobs require more equipment, which affects the foundation repair costs.
  • Unseen problems – Not all jobs are as simple as they appear.  What looks like a simple repair may be much more complicated based on underlying soil makeup, utilities in the area, or other factors.

Ram Jack Texas – Free Inspection

If you really want to know what foundation repair costs will be for your home or commercial structure, give us a call to set up an inspection.  We’ll take a look for free!  That’s a $250 value at no cost to you.  After we inspect, we’ll be able to tell you a fair price for a quality job.  And all of our work comes with a limited warranty!   You have nothing to lose.