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What is Soil Injection?

What is Soil Injection?

Foundation settlement and associated foundation problems are most often due to soil expansion and contraction.  While soil expansion and contraction is a complicated process that depends on soil type, moisture content, and ambient conditions, there are steps you can take to prevent it.  Soil injection is one of these steps.

Simply put, this process reduces the ability of clay soils to hold water.  This makes soil less susceptible to the expansion and contraction associated with changing water content; moreover, it means less foundation settlement and resultant damage.

Texas Soil

While the soil type in Texas varies by location, much of the soil on which Texas structures rest is composed of clay.  Clay is particularly absorbent, making it vulnerable to the expansion and contraction that leads to foundation damage.  When it takes on water, it pushes up.  When it releases water, it allows the foundation to come down with it.

Why Use Soil Injection?

Soil Injection

First, soil injection reduces soil expansion and contraction, which means less foundation settlement and damage.  With this process, you can stop foundation damage before it even starts.

Second, it is economical.  The cost is reasonable, and when comparing soil injection costs with the costs of a repair, it just makes sense.

Third, it provides long lasting benefits.  By strengthening the density of the soil and its strength, it protects your home for years to come.

Fourth, it is simple.  Using a special rig that injects the product to the soil around and beneath a structure, it is both quick and efficient with minimal cleanup.

Interested in Soil Injection?

If you’re interested or wondering if your home would benefit from the protective technique, call Ram Jack Texas.  We’d love to answer any questions, and we’d be happy to provide a complete inspection and estimate for your convenience.