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Finance Your Foundation Repair with Ram Jack

Payment Options – Finance Your Foundation Repair

Are you putting off a foundation repair because you don’t think you can afford it?  All the while, the damage is only getting worse, which inevitably will cause the repair to cost more once you can afford it.  It’s a catch-22, but Ram Jack Texas can help.  We offer a number of financing solutions to help you be able to get your foundation repair done now.  Finance your foundation repair with Ram Jack Texas!

Free Foundation Inspection from Ram Jack Texas

Before you can have your foundation repaired, you need a professional inspection.  But you don’t want to fork over the $250 to have it done.  Ram Jack Texas offers you a free inspection and estimate, meaning you can have an experienced, knowledgeable foundation expert take a look at your foundation at no cost to you.  So don’t delay – give Ram Jack Texas a call and set it up!.

Payment Options to Repair Your Foundation

You don’t need to have all of the cash on hand to get your foundation repaired.  Ram Jack Texas has a number of payment options to help you get the repair done now without having to empty your bank account.  First, there’s the 12 months same as cash option.  With this option, you can make payments while being charged no interest for the first 12 months after completing the foundation repair.  Simply pay it off in those 12 months, and it’s just like you paid it all up-front.  Second, there’s a reduced interest loan option.  With a low rate of 6.99%, you can pay off the cost of the repair over 5, 7, or 10 years.

Peace of Mind With Ram Jack Systems

With Ram Jack Texas, you don’t need to wait to repair your foundation.  And with a free inspection, you have no reason not to give us a call!  We can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home rests on solid ground and that you have the time you need to pay for the repair.