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How to Improve Foundation Drainage

The foundation for your home is what holds everything together, and even if it feels solid as a rock, it’s constantly subject to environmental elements that can cause damage. Soil is constantly pushing in on it, and water is trying to seep into it. As the weather changes, the soil expands and contracts. Water freezes and expands. All of these factors work together to damage your foundation. Always be on the lookout for warning signs, and take a few steps to help protect your foundation.

With just a few, simple steps around the house, you can help prevent the need for foundation repair with proper foundation drainage.

Drain pipe

Extended Drain Pipes

The quickest, easiest way to improve foundation drainage issues is by directing water away from your foundation. Install diverters that direct water away from the soil around your foundation. Add drain extenders to the bottom of your rain gutters that are at least three feet long. By doing so, you’ll help keep the soil around your foundation dry, preventing water damage.

Eliminate Soil Compaction

When it rains, do you see standing water on your grass or soil? If you do, then you have a problem. This ultra-compact soil holds less oxygen. Not only does that stop your plants from growing, but it also could lead to drainage issues as well as compacted soil damaging your foundation. Try a lawn aerator, or add soil conditioners to eliminate compaction.

Fix the Grading

Many homes suffer from grading issues. If the soil and landscaping around your home drains water toward the foundation rather than away from it, your foundation is susceptible to water damage (especially during flooding). Take a look around your house, and make sure the soil drains water away from your home. With a shovel and a few minutes, you can create a berm that will prevent the need for a foundation repair.

Rain Gutters

After it rains, if the water goes from your roof directly to the foundation, it can cause foundation problems. Your rain gutters should catch and move the water away from the foundation. You should check your rain gutters frequently to make sure that there is no blockage and that they work properly so the rain can move freely in the gutter. If you do not have rain gutters it is recommended that you get them installed as quickly as possible.

Self-Inspect Your Drainage

By regularly looking around your home, you can potentially catch small problems before they turn in to even bigger ones. Check for cracks in the wall, uneven floors, and doors and windows that don’t close properly. Look for ponding water around your home’s foundation.

Make Repairs Early On

If you notice that something is damaged and needs to be repaired, don’t wait to act. Waiting to repair something can make the problem even worse. If you notice a drainage problem around your home, call us to take a look. Drainage around foundations is an important part of your home’s health.

Has Your Property Already Suffered Foundation Damage?

If you’re worried about drainage issues or think you may need a foundation repair, call Ram Jack Texas - Houston today. We’ll set up a free inspection, and we’ll make sure your foundation is in tip-top shape. Whether you need an involved repair or just need someone to tell you that your foundation is just fine, we’re here to help.

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