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House Settlement Issues & Slab Repair

Slab Settlement in Texas

Why do Texas homes need slab repair? Slab-on-grade foundations comprise a large number of home foundations in Texas. Shallow frost lines mean footings don’t have to be built deep—as they are in the north, which allow for a basement. Limestone bedrock in the central and western parts of the state, coupled with expansive clays soils and a high water table in the eastern part of the state, mean that slabs are a viable, relatively inexpensive foundation for new homes. Slab settlement is a real issue, even for new homes, because they aren’t designed to resist heaving soils; they are meant to rise and fall with the changing soil conditions. The problem is that over time, the shrink and heave below your home can cause foundation damage and the need for slab repair

Signs of Slab Settlement

Cracked bricksTypically, a one-story home with a concrete slab directly on soil, surrounded by lots of trees and watered flower beds will be a hot spot for foundation problems. Homes in dry, warm areas with slabs close to the surface and footings an average of only two feet down are susceptible to foundation problems, as well. In Texas, the need for slab repair can be a result of either of these situations. Is your floor uneven or starting to crack? Have you seen tripping hazards around your home? Settlement of concrete slabs can cause a huge problem and a great amount of stress on your home’s foundation. Cracks in your sheetrock or brick point to a moving foundation. Additionally, sticking doors and windows not only indicate a sign of slab settlement, this poses a hazard.

Method of Slab Repair

Our proven, patented foundation repair systems allow us to provide both external and internal solutions for slab settlement repair, depending on the particular needs of each situation.

Stay Home While We Repair Your Slab!

Thanks to the utility of helical piles, Ram Jack of Texas has the ability to install piling on the interior of your home with minimal invasion. This means that you can stay in the comfort of your own home during the installation of piling and completion of the slab repair. It is only necessary for the homeowner to leave the home in severe cases. Generally, interior work is completed in 1-2 days in a quiet and clean fashion.