Stop Foundation Damage Before It Starts

 Stop Foundation Damage Before It Starts

Stop Foundation Damage Before it Starts

You’ve probably heard that doctors say, “Prevention is the best medicine.”  Well, that age old idiom applies to more than just your health. In fact, you can apply it to just about anything, including your home. Generally speaking, by taking care of your home and preventing problems before they happen, you will save yourself time, money, and heartache. When it comes to your foundation, it is particularly relevant, as a few simple steps can make a world of difference to stop foundation damage before it starts.

Simple Steps You Can Take Yourself to Stop Foundation Damage

  • Grading – Make sure that water is draining away from your home rather than into it. By doing so, you can minimize the contraction and expansion of soil associated with moisture and resultant foundation problems.
  • Drainage – If you don’t have rain gutters, install them. If you have them, make sure they are clear and draining water away from your home. If you have drains in your patio or into the street, make sure they are clear too.
  • Tree roots – Make sure plants and trees with major root systems aren’t growing adjacent to the foundation of your home. These roots bring moisture, and moisture can lead to damage.
  • Keep soil moisture consistent – This means that you should wet down the soil in dry months and prevent excess moisture in wet months.  If the soil consistently has the same moisture content, it is less likely to expand or contract, settle, or cause damage.

Fix the Problem Before it Gets Any Worse

If you’ve seen signs of foundation damage around your home, have a professional take a look, and take care of it soon. The longer you wait, the more damage is done. In addition, consider something such as soil injection. Using advanced soil injection techniques, Ram Jack Systems can minimize soil expansion and contraction to prevent damage before it happens.