How Tree Roots Can Harm Your Foundation

 How Tree Roots Can Harm Your Foundation

There are many different causes of foundation damage. They can range from improper drainage all the way down to low quality soil around your home. Tree roots can also be a major cause of foundation trouble.

Trees may seem like a great addition to your landscaping. You are absolutely right on that. Trees can offer many benefits. They provide a nice shade during the hot summer months and they can also reduce the energy consumption of your house. They also are very nice to look at. Unfortunately, with all the good trees have to offer, they also have some bad.

Not all trees pose a threat to your foundation. Pine trees have roots that extend straight down into the soil. Because of this, pine trees have almost no impact on your foundation.

The most concerning trees are hardwoods such as oaks and elms. These types of trees have shallow roots which poses a problem to your foundation. They are very popular because they tend to grow quickly. The reason for this quick growth is because they drain a lot of water from the soil. This can cause the soil to shift around your foundation.

If you have hardwood trees around your house, that doesn’t mean you need to start panicking.  If the trees were already mature when your home was built, the chances are that they have had plenty of time to drain the soil and won’t be a risk to damaging your foundation. However, if these types of trees were planted after the construction of your home there is a chance they could cause damage.

There are some steps that you can take to protect your foundation. The more leaves a tree has, the more water it needs. Lowering the amount of leaves will decrease the amount of water the tree needs. If you are planning on adding a new tree to your foundation be sure and keep them half of their anticipated height away from your home.

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