Protect Your Foundation During Summer Heat

Protect Your Foundation During Summer Heat

Warm Weather is Coming – How to Protect Your Foundation in the Summer Heat

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, then you already know how the moisture content of soil can negatively affect your home’s foundation.  If you’re new to our blog, here’s a quick review.  During wet times or times of heavy rain, the soil beneath and around your home takes on water, causing it to expand.  During dry times, summer heat, or droughts, that same soil dries out, causing it to contract.  As the soil contracts, the solid ground on which your foundation once rested can shift, leading to foundation settlement, damage, and the need for a repair.

Summer Weather and Your Foundation

The key to a healthy foundation is balanced soil.  What this means is that your goal should be to keep the moisture content of your soil constant throughout the changing seasons.  As the summer approaches and the soil inevitably dries out, it’s important that you water regularly and wet the soil around the foundation of your home appropriately.

Too Much or Too Little

How do you know how much to wet the soil around your home’s foundation?  Because most of us aren’t geologists, we don’t the tools to measure the precise moisture content of the soil.  What we can do, however, is take a look at it and feel it with our hands.  The soil should not be bone dry, nor should it be soaking wet.  It should have a very slight dampness.  As the summer approaches and warm weather with it, take a look at the soil around your home.  If it’s too dry, dampen it a little with your hose.  But be careful, you don’t want it too wet.  If you notice that the soil is soaking wet, check the drainage of your rain gutters, the grading of your yard, or the direction in which your sprinklers point.

If you have any questions about how to protect and maintain your foundation or think you may need a foundation repair, call Ram Jack Texas.  We’re standing by and ready to help!