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Foundation Repair in Meridian

As the 6th largest city in Mississippi, Meridian is home to a number of hotels, historic districts, and cultural events. But it’s also home to something beneath the ground’s surface: clay soils. And while that probably sounds like no big deal, your foundation might disagree. Why?

Effects of Clay Soils in Meridian, MS

Soils such as clay fluctuate often, shrinking during dry spells and swelling during rainy times. This fluctuation causes foundations to move up and down, oftentimes resulting in settlement. There are several common warning signs of settlement you should never overlook in your Meridian, Mississippi home, such as:

  • Cracking in the foundation slab
  • Cracks in external brick or stucco
  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Misaligned or sticking doors and windows

While they may seem harmless, these issues often indicate the need for foundation repair. And the worst part? They will only grow in severity over time.

The Solution to Inferior Soils: Ram Jack’s Steel Piles

The remedy to poor soil conditions and foundation problems is our patented helical or driven steel piles. Unlike concrete or similar methods, our piles are installed to bedrock. This ensures the piles won’t move due to unstable soils like clay. Our products are fully-tested and guaranteed to provide foundation support for many years to come. Whatever your foundation needs are, Ram Jack in Meridian, Mississippi is here to help!

Schedule A Professional Estimate in Meridian

Noticing the signs of settlement in your Meridian, MS home? Call Ram Jack! Set up a free foundation repair estimate and let one of our trained specialists evaluate your home. We will take thorough elevations, evaluate the damages present, and determine the best solution for your foundation issues. When you choose Ram Jack, you can rest assured your home and foundation are in good hands.

Foundation Solutions in Surrounding Areas

Located in Meridian, MS or the surrounding communities? We also service Wolf Springs, Arunde, Nellieburg, Marion, Russell, Toomsuba, Topton, Collinsville, Chunky, and Lauderdale.

Make an appointment with Ram Jack Southern Mississippi or start by calling (601) 405-1052.