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About Foundation Repair

Call Ram Jack® for Foundation Repair in Gulfport & Southern Mississippi

If your house or commercial business has experienced damage to the foundation, your property could be at serious risk for additional problems. If the foundation is significantly unstable, it may not even be safe for residents or guests to go inside your property at all. Moreover, a damaged foundation can prohibit you from being able to sell your property, meaning you will have to hold on to your old home or business as it depletes in value.

Fortunately, our skilled and experienced foundation professionals at Ram Jack Southern Mississippi have got you and your property covered. Our specialists are trained to ensure that your home or building foundation remains structurally sound and safe for residents/employees for years to come. Having worked with homeowners, engineers, and contractors for the last 40 years, you can always be sure that we know what we are talking about. And with our in-house foundation engineers working for you, you’ll be able to repair that damaged foundation before you know it!

Call Ram Jack Southern Mississippi today at (601) 405-1052.

What Causes Damage to Your Property’s Foundation?

There are numerous things that can cause damage to your commercial or residential property’s foundation. Everything from leaks in your plumbing system to poorly installed rain gutters can erode the foundation of a home or building over time.

You may have issues with your foundation due to:

  • Drainage issues: When improper drainage causes excess moisture to build up around your property, foundation damage is a common side effect.
  • Problems with the soil: Poor soil around your property can contribute to foundation failure, especially if that soil starts to expand.
  • Poor ground preparation: Soil that is soft and low in density, or that is not compacted in the right way around your property, is the leading reason for foundation failure.
  • Inferior foundation construction: Issues during the construction of your foundation can reverberate for years rot come. A contractor who uses the wrong kind of steel, for instance, may end up contributing to the movement of your property’s slab over the years.

How Our Southern Mississippi Pros Take Care of Foundation Problems

At Ram Jack Southern Mississippi, we offer a full range of solutions to repair your property’s foundation. After inspecting your home or business to determine its specific foundational issues, we will go over all relevant foundation support options with you, including repairs for bowed or cracked walls, chimneys, and even patios and sidewalks. With our deep-driven steel pile systems, you can rest assured that our foundation repair experts will always provide the service your property needs.

To schedule a repair with Ram Jack Southern Mississippi, dial (601) 405-1052 now.