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Foundation Repair - Ram Jack Southern Mississippi

There's no better company to call for foundation repair in the Gulfport area than the trusted team from Ram Jack Southern Mississippi. We offer many solutions for foundation problems around the home or business- from Concrete Slab Repair, Interior Floor Repair, Retaining Wall & Seawall Repair, Driven Piles, and Helical Piles. Call us with confidence that our foundation repair professionals are unmatched in their ability and experience.


In the South, a shallower frost line means foundation footings do not have to be installed as deeply. This makes slab-on-grade foundations ideal for supporting homes.

Slab foundations are meant to rise and fall with fluctuating soil conditions. However, the constant shrinking and swelling of soils puts a lot of pressure on slabs and eventually can lead to failure. Repairing a settling slab is critical to protecting the structural stability of your home and safeguarding the future of your property.

Signs of Foundation Failure


One-story homes that have concrete slabs on top of the soil, especially with trees and flowerbeds nearby, have a high probability of foundation failure. Homes located in warm and dry regions with very shallow footings are also susceptible to foundation problems.

One way to determine whether or not your slab is damaged is to look at the flooring inside of your house. If it’s cracked or uneven, the slab supporting your house might be suffering from settlement.

Other signs of slab failure include:

  • External brick cracking

  • Internal sheetrock cracking

  • Sticking doors and windows

Slab Repair Solutions

Ram Jack’s tested and proven slab repair solutions can be used for virtually any slab repair project. Our helical piles can be installed underneath settling foundations to prevent further damage. The installation process typically takes 1-2 days and afterward, everything is left in top-notch condition.

Because of our dedication to protect customer properties, we can install our piles inside homes with minimal invasion. This means residents generally never have to leave the comfort of their home while it’s being repaired.

Don’t let settling slab damage the stability of your home. Contact Ram Jack to request a professional estimate from one of our knowledgeable foundation repair experts today.

Discover our foundation repair services today in Gulfport and throughout Southern Mississippi! Call (601) 228-5407 for your first appointment with Ram Jack®.