Sinkhole Remediation & Repair

Gainesville Sinkhole Remediation

Fixing Sinkholes and Foundation Damage in North Central Florida

Ram Jack Solid Foundation provides sinkhole repair services for property owners in Gainesville and the surrounding areas of North Central Florida. We have highly-trained certified technicians with the skill and attention to detail to provide reliable sinkhole repair at competitive prices.

The crew will use plywood to protect your grass, while repairing your sink hole and stabilizing your home. If you are concerned about unstable soil or sinkhole conditions on your property, our experts can help.

Get in touch with our sinkhole repair company at (855) 298-6904 or set up an appointment online.

Injecting Compact Grouting to Stabilize the Soil

The experienced technicians at Ram Jack Solid Foundation utilize compact grouting for effective sinkhole repair. Compact grouting is an efficient and cost effective solution to stabilize the soil and to fill sinkholes in the ground beneath your home. This method fill voids by adding materials to lower layers of soil, thus increasing the load the soil can bear.

The process uses a limited access drill, which can fit through a 36” doorway, to drill to adequate depth. Then a thick mixture of cement and grout is pumped with high pressure into the ground to a depth of 200 vertical feet. As the mixture penetrates the ground, the soils are compacted and the mixture fills the void within the soil, sealing the top of the limestone layer. As the casings are removed section by section, the compaction grout increases the density of the soil layer by layer.

Providing Sinkhole Inspections & Repairs in Gainesville

If you require sinkhole repair for your home in Gainesville or the surrounding areas, we provide free sinkhole inspections in Gainesville. Our experts will assess the problem and suggest the best sinkhole repair solution to put your home on stable ground. We also serve the areas of Pensacola, Tallahassee, Ocala, and surrounding areas.

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