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Used for more than 175 years, helical piles are a versatile deep foundation system. Their high compression and tension capacities allow them to be installed at any angle by hand or small machine. However, this pile system is hardly mentioned in engineering studies. With their introduction into the 2009 IBC, engineers are now beginning to understand how these helical piles really are great solutions to many of the problems they are trying to solve.

Ram Jack Solid Foundations offers FREE lunch and learn sessions for engineers, real estate representatives and municipality employees to learn more about the uses of these helical piles and driven pile systems.


Pile Systems

A Ram Jack engineer will cover the advantages, components, applications and benefits of the Ram Jack Solid Foundation Driven Pile System and the Helical Pile System.

Theory & Design

We will cover the principles behind the design of helical piles.

ICC Acceptance Criteria

In 1836 Alexander Mitchell was the first to use helical piles to underpin the Maplin Sands Lighthouse in England. Back then there wasn’t an industry standard or requirements. The ICC (International Code Council) did approve a helical pile acceptance criterion in 2007 and later added helical piles to the 2009 IBC.

Most engineers believe that helical piles are all equal. However, there are many piles on the market today that do not meet these IBC requirements. These piles may not perform their required task and may not last as long as piles that do meet ICC specifications. They also may not meet some building code requirements.

IBC 2009-2015

During a Lunch & Learn we’ll cover helical pile sections included in the IBC; which will also apply to other foundation systems. We’ll discuss unbraced lengths, stability requirements, group effects, and lateral loads.

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions Software

Ram Jack Foundation Solutions offers engineers free access to our helical pile design software. We can show the benefits of our software, the types reports the software can generate, and the solutions it can provide your firm.

Quality Assurance & Applications

Our products are all manufactured in the United States under very strict quality control guidelines. Our manufacturing plant is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Ram Jack Solid Foundations products are sold and installed by highly trained specialists.

Our ICC-ESR Report promises that our products are recognized by the ICC and that they meet building code requirements. We’ll present real-world applications and solutions of the helical and driven pile systems with in depth case studies.


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