Residential Why Foundations Fail

Why Foundations Fail

Causes of Foundation Problems

Every foundation needs strong, immobile soil underneath in order to support a building. Over the course of time, even the strongest foundation can be damaged by the elements and other contributing factors. Let a foundation expert from Ram Jack® examine your foundation to determine what is causing it to fail and develop an appropriate course of action to repair it.

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Reasons Your Foundation is Failing

Common causes of foundation damage include:

  • Evaporation – Dry temperatures can cause the soil beneath to shrink leaving the foundation without solid support beneath it.
  • Transpiration – If you have trees or many plants near your home, they can take the moisture from the soil below the foundation and leave it dried out.
  • Leaks from plumbing – The plumbing system can leak for years without anyone noticing. The moisture seeping into the soil can create pressure on the foundation.
  • Drainage issues – Improper draining of rain gutters or French drains can cause the soil beneath the building to expand and rupture the foundation.
  • Poor construction of foundation – If your foundation did not have the proper amount of steel or rebar when it was made, it can impact how long it lasts.
  • Soil not properly prepared – If the soil was not leveled and properly compacted before the foundation was laid, the soil can shift and cause problems with the foundation.
  • Poor soil conditions – One of the top causes of foundation failures is improperly compacted soil or soil with poor density. It allows for the soil to expand and retract creating damage to the foundation.

Infographic of house; Reasons your foundation is failing: Drainage, poor soil conditions, inferior ground preparation, inferior foundation construction

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  • Drainage
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  • Evaporation
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  • Inferior Ground Preparation
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  • Plumbing Leaks
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  • Poor Soil
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  • Transpiration
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