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Fort Myers House Lifting Services

Raising Homes for Repair or Flood Protection

Ram Jack Solid Foundations - Ft. Myers offers house raising services for homes that need to be repaired, leveled, or elevated above a floodplain. If your home is at a low point on your property where water can collect and cause damage, you may need to lift your home to protect it against water damage and erosion.

Our flood elevation experts can raise your home safely and economically with cutting-edge technology and foundation systems custom-designed for your unique situation. If your home currently rests on timber pilings, our Sandy Bracket helical system may be the ideal solution for you.

To learn more about house raising and lifting in Fort Myers, give us a call at (239) 330-4348 today.

House Raising for Foundation Repair

If your foundation is suffering from cracks or settlement, our team of professionals can help restore your foundation by lifting it back into place. By installing a secure foundation system underneath your home, you can be confident that it will resist further movement or damage over the long-haul.

Repairing Timber Pile Foundations

If your seaside home has weathered or damaged timber piles, Ram Jack Solid Foundations - Ft. Myers can restore your foundation's integrity with our Sandy Bracket system.

The Sandy Bracket foundation system is a superior repair method for several reasons:

  • Less time-consuming than other methods
  • Less intrusive than other methods
  • Less costly / expensive overall than other methods

House Raising for Flood Protection

If your home sits in a floodplain of any kind, we can help provide peace of mind by raising your home above the danger. Our Sandy Bracket helical system stands out among other systems because it provides greater "sway mitigation" on windy days compared to timber pilings.

FAQs About Elevating a Home for Flood Protection

Should I elevate my house a full story or just a few feet?

If you are raising the ground level of your home 2 to 4 feet, we would not recommend abandoning the floor level. However, if you are elevating the ground level above 4 feet, it would probably be a good idea to add a story to the house and use the lower level as a garage or storage space.

Can you lift my home if it has a basement foundation?

Yes! We provide house lifting services for homes with different kinds of foundations including: a basement foundation, a slab-on-grade foundation, a pier and beam foundation, and a crawlspace foundation.

What does FPE stand for?

FPE stands for "Flood Protection Elevation". This means the house is elevated so that the living area is out of reach of moderate to high-risk severe flooding.

Is there a map of flood zones online?

FEMA has created a database of mapped areas with flood zones.

What are some benefits of elevating a home in a flood plain?

Benefits include:

  • minimizing flood damage
  • lowering insurance premium
  • adding home value
  • increasing new usable space in the home

Get in touch with our Fort Myers house lifting contractors by calling (239) 330-4348 or request an appointment online.