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Helical Piles in Fort Myers

A Foundation Solution for Various Issues

Are you concerned about foundation problems after a natural disaster? Or maybe you want to ensure your newly built multi-story property has a secure structure. Regardless of your specific situation or need, Ram Jack Florida - Ft. Myers has helical piles and other foundation repair products for Ft. Myers residential and commercial properties.

For more information about our helical piles in Ft. Myers, call (239) 330-4348 or request an appointment.

Our goal is to help preserve the integrity of your property’s foundation, offering products designed from 100% American steel and verified by the International Code Council®. We’re known for our detailed approach to installing these complex units and treating your property with the utmost respect throughout the entire process. Our licensed and certified technicians have years of training and engineering experience, making this an endeavor we can handle professionally and quickly.

If you’ve had contractors inform you that your home or office building is sitting on unstable soil or you’re aware of shifts to your foundation, helical piles installed by our dedicated team may be the best option for you.

What Are Helical Piles and How Do They Work?

Helical piles or piers are large foundational shafts installed either vertically into the ground or at an angle for even more stability, depending on the extent of the foundation damage and where the support is needed most. Many would agree that helical piles look like oversized screws, and, for all intents and purposes, they generally work the same way.

To create a fully stable foundation, helical piers are usually installed in conjunction with other foundation attachment brackets to strengthen an existing structure’s foundation. Typically, they’re used to underpin severely distressed or damaged foundations with heavy loads; however, they can support lighter loads like interior floors and bridge wing walls.

If you’re considering investing in helical piles for your property, keep in mind that a certified technician must be the one to install them. These complex systems require a hydraulic drill for installation, which can be tedious and dangerous. We always recommend that you consult with one of our qualified helical piers professionals in Ft. Myers to assist you in securing your foundation long-term.

The Benefits of Helical Piles Installation with Ram Jack

As a versatile product supporting residential and commercial properties, helical piles carry several inherent advantages, including eco-friendliness, affordability, and various stability capabilities. When you have our experts working directly with you to install this critical foundation system, you get perks that are hard to find with other companies.

Some of those advantages include:

  • Speedy installation – We work quickly to get your helical piers system installed promptly and accurately.
  • Minimal-to-no site damage – Our certified professionals diligently ensure your helical piles are installed with almost no ground disturbance.
  • Cost-effective – While this system may seem expensive, we offer financing options to help you purchase all of our foundation repair products.
  • Detailed precision – Accuracy is a trait we’re known for, ensuring we install foundation solutions like helical piles with exactness.

When you’re ready to make foundation issues a thing of the past, call (239) 330-4348. You can also request an appointment for helical piles installation in Ft. Myers today.