Longview Foundation Repair: Residential & Commercial

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Hot summers and frequent dry spells can do a number on your foundation, especially in the Longview area. If you need a Longview foundation repair, Ram Jack of Texas is perfect for you.

Unsure of whether or not you need foundation repairs? If you’ve spotted any of these problems around your home, you’re likely looking at some signs of foundation damage.

  • Space between the walls and ceiling, or between the walls and floor
  • Separation of doors and windows from walls
  • Uneven, sloping floors
  • Cracked exterior brick, flooring, foundation, drywall or molding

The foundation determines the integrity of every building; taking care of foundation issues quickly will help protect your investment. Give us a call (972) 992-1860, and the Ram Jack staff can come to your home and conduct a free foundation evaluation.*

Commercial Foundation Repair in Longview

Whether your building is a home or a commercial business, Ram Jack can firm up its foundation. Our Longview staffers will come out to your space and conduct a thorough foundation inspection free of charge.* We’ll work with you to identify the best solution for your home or business.

  • In-house Engineers can do the job. Let our engineering department customize a commercial foundation retrofit or new foundation design for your business.
  • Have your own engineer? Our Ram Jack Foundation Solutions™ software will help your engineer come up with a design that complements your space’s soil and structure. Your engineer can create a profile of your soil and structure qualities and get suggested solutions.

We have over 30 years of experience providing foundation repair in Longview and the surrounding area.

Protect your investment with Ram Jack. Email or call us at (972) 992-1860 today for a free foundation evaluation,* or schedule an appointment online with our simple form. Ram Jack is your Longview foundation repair expert.

*Real estate transactions or evaluations requiring engineering may incur a fee.

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    2765 W. Kingsley Rd. Garland, TX 75041
    "Gustavo’s team was professional, friendly and very helpful whenever I asked any questions and they took the time to carry on a conversation while they were working. Their work ethic and attention to detail totally impressed me."
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    2765 W. Kingsley Rd. Garland, TX 75041
    "They displayed the highest standard of dedication, exceptional vigor and professionalism."
  • 0 5 5.0
    2765 W. Kingsley Rd. Garland, TX 75041
    "I had a positive experience with this process and have already recommended Ram Jack to several friends."
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