Commercial Helical Pile System

Helical Pile System

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A helical foundation (pile) is a factory manufactured steel foundation consisting of a central shaft with one or more helical-shaped bearing plates. The terms “foundation” or “pile” typically refer to a compression application. Helical piles are referred to as helical anchors when used in a tension application.

Ram Jack® manufactures helical piles and extensions in a wide array of shaft diameters (2 ⅜”, 2 ⅞”, 3 ½” and 4 ½”). We have the facility to design and fabricate special orders as well, meeting any shaft diameters your project calls for. All helical shafts and extensions are carbon steel with minimum yield strength of 65 ksi.

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All our helical pile components have a thermoplastic coating, which has been specifically designed to provide a long-lasting, tough coating. The thermoplastic coating meets the Acceptance Criteria for Corrosion Protection of Steel Foundation Systems Using Polymer (EAA) Coatings (AC228). The acceptance criterion was adopted by the International Code Council (ICC) in October 2003. The thermoplastic coating is environment-friendly and has a technical lifespan of 50 years.

Helical Pile Specifications (Word Document)

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Ram Jack helical piles may be used in new construction where the costs or risks associated with conventional concrete foundations dictate, or they can be utilized to stabilize or remediate existing structures whose foundations are in distress.

Helical driver

New construction:

  • Compression and tension applications such as foundations for buildings, pedestrian bridges, solar fields, launch pads, etc.
  • Tension applications such as tie backs in retaining walls, basement walls, guy towers, etc.
  • Shear and overturning applications such as lighting poles and self-supporting tower foundations.

Repair and remedial work

  • Underpinning distressed foundations or augmenting existing foundations for heavier loads.

Commercial Case Studies

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What Are the Advantages?

  • Clean installation with no spoils
  • Can be loaded immediately after installation
  • No weather delays
  • No vibration or noise
  • Piles are tested for capacity during installation to ensure proper torque values are met
  • Adaptable to almost any foundation
  • Doesn’t require structure for reaction resistance

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