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Steel Beams Installation in Columbus

Expansive clay soils can put pressure against a block of concrete foundation wall causing it to crack and bow. Damaged foundation walls can create safety concerns and negatively affect the value of a home. If you have bowed or cracking walls, B-Level’s team of trained steel beam installation technicians can help.

For over 15 years, B-Level has used steel beams for reinforcing structural walls in residential and commercial applications throughout Columbus. Steel beams are a cost effective alternative to replacing a failing poured concrete, or block, foundation wall.

Steel Beam Advantages

  • Cost effective
  • Engineer Approved
  • Most commonly accepted form of wall reinforcement
  • Proven History
  • Prevents shearing, tilting and bowing
  • 25 Year Warranty

In all applications; B-Level uses a primer-finished W4x13 steel beam, gaps behind the beams are filled with hydraulic cement, open cracks in the masonry walls are tuck-pointed, beams are cemented into the floor, and the steel is fastened to the home in accordance to the engineer specifications.

B-Level does not believe in high-pressure sales tactics and will work with licensed engineers in your area to get the job done right.

For more information about or steel beam repair services, or to schedule and estimate, call B-Level today.

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