Foundation Problems

Signs of Foundation Failure in Columbus


Inside, keep an eye out for cracks of any kind. Cracked sheetrock, floorboards and tiles are always causes for concern. Stubborn doors and windows that refuse to open or shut are also indications of a problem.


The outside of your home can also offer evidence of foundation issues. Check the foundation of the home, as well as bricks/siding, for cracks. Also, look for gaps around doors and windows.


The garage can also show deformation when foundation problems are present. Be on the lookout for cracked bricks, warped walls and any separation between the garage door and ground.


Because your basement is closest to your foundation, it is often the first area to suffer. Check it for cracked or leaning walls and any possible flooding.

Signs of foundation failure

Why Good Foundations Go Bad

There are a number of factors that put stress on your foundation. Unfortunately, most of them are out of your control. That puts stress on you. Give us a call today. We will be happy to apply our years of experience to your home’s unique needs. We know your home is your most prized possession and no one should have to live in fear of foundation damage signs.

Infographic: Causes of foundation failure

1. Evaporation

Hot dry wind and intense heat will often cause the soil to shrink beneath your foundation. This settlement may cause cracks to appear throughout the structure.

2. Transpiration

Tree roots may desiccate the soil beneath a home, causing the soil to shrink and the home to settle.

3. Plumbing Leaks

Water from plumbing leaks can find its way under your home, eroding soil and ultimately compromising your foundation.

4. Drainage

Improper drainage is one of the leading causes of foundation failure. Excess moisture will erode or consolidate the soil and cause settlement.

5. Inferior Foundation Construction

Insufficient steel and inferior concrete can contribute to movement in the slab.

6. Inferior Ground Preparation

Soft low density soils and and/or improperly compacted soil beneath a home is the leading cause of foundation failure. Cut-and-fill situations should be properly prepared before the soil is ready support a structure.

7. Poor Soil Conditions

Expanding and contracting soil can put added stress on your foundation and contribute to its failure.


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