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Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Columbia's Trusted Foundation Repair Experts

Unless you're properly trained in working with a property's foundation, it can be difficult to determine warning signs of foundation failure. Too often, home and business owners do not know anything is wrong with their foundation until extensive damage has already occurred. However, you can prevent serious damage by looking for key warning signs and acting quickly.

At Ram Jack South Carolina, our foundation repair experts have the tools and training necessary to identify any potenial issues with your house's foundation. Our team carefully inspects your property before providing customized solutions.

Warning Signs for Foundation Failure:

  • Cracks in Stucco - If you see cracks that resemble a staircase on your stucco, it can indicate serious foundation damage.
  • Cracks in Bricks - Many buildings use brick for their foundation and walls. If you see cracks forming, it can be an indication of foundation problems. While these cracks vary in size, they're often bigger at the top and thinner near the bottom.
  • Gaps in Door Frames / Windows - Is it difficult for you to close your doors or windows? This can occur when there are large openings caused by foundation failure.
  • Cracks in the Floor - Foundation affected by settlement will create cracks in the flooring. This is not normal and should be checked by a professional.
  • A Leaning Chimney - If your chimney is leaning towards the property, it can indicate a problem with the internal structure of your home or business. If it's leaning away, it can be a foundational issue.

If you see any of the warning signs listed above, call Ram Jack of South Carolina immediately. We provide foundation repair service to all of South Carolina as well as Augusta, GA, Savannah, GA and surrounding areas

Much like other components of your home or business, the foundation needs regular checkups. Generally, the 10-year mark is when you'll start seeing problems with the foundation. Common causes for this are shifting soil, improper installation, impeding tree roots, and more. If you see these warning signs, contact our foundation repair experts today. We work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right the first time.

Trust in services backed by over 40 years of experience call (803) 398-5208 today!

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