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Helical Pile Installation in Columbia, MO

Difference Between Driven & Helical Piles

Sometimes called “helical piers,” “screw piles,” “earth anchors,” and “helicals,” helical piles are steel foundation pins designed to bear the weight of heavy structures where unstable ground conditions require deep anchoring. Shaped like a screw and screwed into the ground, helical piles are ideal for tighter spaces and smaller projects. Unlike driven concrete or wooden piles that create a costly mess, helical piers are flexible and affordable.

Manufactured on American soil, our helical piles and extensions are made of carbon steel that boasts a minimum yield strength of 65 ksi. We offer a large selection of shaft diameters: 2 ⅜”, 2 ⅞”, 3 ½”, 4 ½” 5 ½”, 6 ⅝”, and 8 ½”. If these diameters do not meet your specific needs, we have the flexibility to manufacture helical piers that satisfy special orders as well.

Helical piles are great for foundation repairs and new construction projects where the price and risk of installing conventional wood or concrete foundations are high. If you are concerned about potential soil movement or notice cracks in an existing foundation, helical piers are a viable way to enhance the stability of your structure.

Extremely versatile, helical piles can be used for:

  • Homes with foundation damage
  • Underpinning distressed residential and commercial foundations
  • Strengthening existing foundations for heavier loads
  • Slope stabilization
  • Seawalls and bulkheads
  • Pipeline
  • Utility tie-downs
  • Temporary shoring
  • Piledriving for new construction
  • Compression applications (pedestrian bridges, boardwalks, etc.)
  • Tension applications (tiebacks, wall anchors, etc.)
  • Shear applications (lighting poles, self-supporting towers, etc.)

Minimally Invasive Foundation Repair

Helical piles are frequently preferred due to their versatile and easy installation process. Installation can even occur amidst frigid and sweltering temperatures. With the help of a hydraulic torque motor, the round shaft of a helical pile can be quickly “screwed” into the ground. Aided by the helical blades welded to the shaft, the pile cuts into the earth’s surface until the desired depth and torque are achieved.

Avoiding the soil spoils created during wooden piling or concrete caisson installations, helical piles do not displace much ground. Therefore, when installation is complete, there is no need to redistribute or remove the excavated soil. Helical pile installations are also free of heavy-duty equipment that vibrates the ground and compromises surrounding foundations.

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