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Foundation Repair Services in Columbia, Missouri

Ram Jack - Columbia, MO

Did you know that your foundation is constantly under attack? Freezing soil or large storms cause soil to expand and press against basement floors and walls. Warmer weather thaws and dries the soil which removes the extra pressure from the foundation. Long periods without rain can cause dirt to retract from around home, removing an important element of support, especially for the basement floor. This continuous cycle between excess pressure and removal of support can cause several problems, including cracks and wall movement, which will ultimately destabilize your foundation. When a foundation is damaged, the rest of your home will suffer. Doors and windows become difficult to open, drywall cracks appear, and thousands of dollars spent renovating can be destroyed with just a few months of unchecked movement.

Sixty percent of all homes built on expansive soils suffer from foundation distress. The trouble occurs when only part of the foundation heaves or settles, causing cracks and other damage. This differential movement is largely caused by differences in soil moisture. Loss or gain of soil moisture can cause serious shrinkage or swelling. Your property may be more susceptible to foundation damage if:

  • It was built on expansive clay
  • It was built on improperly compacted fill soils
  • The area around the foundation has poor drainage
  • You live in an area with extreme seasonal changes
  • You experienced a plumbing leak below your home
  • Tree roots are growing too close to your home
  • An earthquake, flood or drought compromised the structure

Soli which is highest in clay content are generally more susceptible while those lowest in clay content are the least affected. In some areas the movement is insignificant; in others, it is quite pronounced.

Correctly diagnosing and repairing a foundation should only be done by Foundation Experts. At Ram Jack - Columbia, MO we have the experience and equipment needed to tackle anything from a small crack to major wall movement. We will take the time to explain your options, and what we believe is the Best Fix for the problems specific to your home.

Don’t let the fear of foundation repair stop you from protecting your biggest investment!

Our focus is on Jefferson City, Boonville, Clinton, Columbia, Fulton, Hermann, Sedalia, Versailles, Cole Camp, Warsaw, Bourbon, Conway, Cuba, Lebanon, Jerome, Rolla, Salem, St. Robert and the Lake of the Ozarks.

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