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Crawl Space Solutions

Your Crawlspace should not be creepy. In fact, it should be clean, well-ventilated and dry.

Moisture is the most common problem in a vented, unsealed crawl space. Humidity and excess moisture lead to mold growth, wood rot, and pest infestations. Crawl space moisture often migrates upstairs through the "stack effect," contributing to structural damage, musty odors, and high energy bills. Airborne mold spores and dust mites from damp crawl space and basement areas are among the most common indoor air pollutants and allergens.

If your home has a crawl space that is dirty, musty, and always a little soggy then you have problems waiting to happen. Just like a leaking basement, a drippy crawl space can lead to foundation damage, mold and unhealthy air inside your home.

If you're worried about what is happening in your crawl space, give the Foundation Experts at Ram Jack - Columbia, MO a call! We will check your crawl space, and the drainage around your home then give you the Best Option to change that dank, creepy area into something much healthier for your home...and family!

We don’t shy away from crawl space issues! Make an appointment with Ram Jack - Columbia, MO to learn about specific services we offer or start by calling (573) 342-4000.

Our focus is on Jefferson City, Boonville, Clinton, Columbia, Fulton, Hermann, Sedalia, Versailles, Cole Camp, Warsaw, Bourbon, Conway, Cuba, Lebanon, Jerome, Rolla, Salem, St. Robert and the Lake of the Ozarks.