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Prevent Destructive Sewer Backups With Sewer Backup Prevention in Chicago, IL

Don’t wait until your home floods to take proper precautionary measures. Protect your home or business with sewer backup prevention in Arlington Heights, Orland Park, and Chicago.

flooded home interior


What you need to know about Safeguard's sewer backup prevention system is that each one is designed to address your concerns and meet your local building codes. We can install both exterior and interior systems. So, whether you live in a 100-year-old Chicago bungalow or a new suburban home we can install the best system for you.

An interior or an exterior system both work in the same manner, they are designed to stop the backflow of sewer water into your home, and they allow you to expel wastewater when the sewer lines are full.

Whether there’s an issue with your sewer lines or a bad storm rolls in, you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your home or business. We protect your home from sewer backup and flood damage with our superior pump and flood control techniques.

Our qualified technicians install top-quality products, like the Ion Storm Pro ejector pump, to ensure your home or place of business receives the best protection possible.

Ram Jack Truck in front of residential home

About Our Process

When our crew arrives the first thing, they do is camera your main sewer line to locate the line, check the line for integrity, and then rod out the line if needed. This can be done from a clean out in the main stack, a floor drain, by any plumbing access point such as toilets sinks showers etc.

Tech using camera to perform underground inspection

Once finished we can then decide the best system and placement of that system with you. Our rodding out service also carries a 90-day warranty if we rod out your line and it needs to be done again, we will return one additional time for no charge within 90 days.

Interior Sewer Backup Prevention System

basement floor work

Two men working on sewer line

First, we open the floor and expose the old main sewer line. We prepare the area for removal of a section of sewer line. Then we remove a section of the old line and make clean connections for the new section of sewer line with the two back flow valves to be installed a solid connection is essential to assure against any possible sewer leaks under the floor.

view of basement sewer

view of basement sewer

Below the new system is installed with 2 mission couplings, a new cast iron section of sewer line, 2 brass backflow valves, overflow connection to a fiberglass basin, full size clean out street side of the valves, and a Y connection for the ejector pump to discharge into.

basement sewer

tech installing sewer backup prevention

interior sewer backup prevention system

A vault is built around the valves, so they remain accessible for future maintenance if needed. The floor is re-cemented. A steel plate is placed over the valves, the basin is sealed here you a see the galvanized discharge line with a brass check valve, and a PVC vent line which goes back to the main stack to eliminate and buildup of gases. The system is now complete to bring you years of peace of mind.

Exterior Sewer Backup Prevention System

Ram Jack Truck

Our crews arrive they prep the area and begin the excavation of the main sewer line.

Men installing exterior sewer backup prevention

The spoils are removed and carefully placed on protective sheeting. The main line is exposed, and a section of the existing sewer line was removed. They then installed a new section of sewer line this project called for a cast iron section to be installed with the 2 backflow valves, an overflow and full-size street cleanout and two mission couplings connected the old and new sections together.

exterior sewer backup prevention system exterior sewer backup prevention system

Once the assembly is in place the vault is lowered into the ground, the pump is hooked up. The floor is cemented.

sealing exterior sewer backup prevention system completed install of an exterior sewer backup prevention system

The adjustment rings are installed a heavy-duty steel manhole lid is installed the system is finished and the landscaping can be put back. Here you will notice that the homeowner chose to place the vault entrance just below the landscape rocks.

Details of Both Systems

Both systems use a solid ejector basin, an Ion Storm-Pro SHV40 series high-capacity sewage pump, 2 back flow check valves housed in the new section of the main sewer line. We discharge according to existing building codes and install silent check valves. Battery backup systems can be installed on interior systems for added protection during power outages.


Both systems carry a full 2-year warranty covering all labor and material. A 1st year full system inspection is included at no additional charge.

Sewer Backup Prevention Pumps and Backups

Ion Storm Pro SHV40I+

sewer backup prevention pump

  • Maximum capacity up to 90 gpm.
  • Maximum head up to 285’
  • Electrical Data 115V, 8.5 FLA, 60 Hz
  • Motor Data 1/2 hp, 3460 RPM
  • Recommended Minimum Basin size 18”x30”
  • Material of Construction Cast Iron & Stainless Steal
  • Impeller Cast Iron Vortex
  • Discharge 2” NPT, Solids Handling 2”
  • Power cord 20’ standard
  • Built-in high-water alarm.

built-in high water alarm

Sumpro Battery Back up

  • The ultimate fully automatic auxiliary power source
  • Works with 115V sump pump up to ½ H.P.
  • Fully automatic charging system
  • Microprocessor based system design.
  • 120 Amp AGM maintenance free Batteries

120 amp maintenance free battery

About Safeguard Waterproofing

Since we first opened as a family business in 1979, we’ve dedicated ourselves to three core values: honesty, quality, and integrity. This dedication has earned us recognition in the community. We consider it an honor to have received the following awards:

  • Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • An A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • The Complaint Free Award from the BBB
  • The Star Award by the Basement Health Organization
  • The Annual Awards for Business Excellence (AABE) award

Contact Us

Keep your home, basement, or place of business clean and dry with our sewer backup prevention services in Chicago, Arlington Heights, and Orland Park.

For more information, give us a call at (847) 603-4048. Feel free to fill out our online form to request a free inspection and estimate.

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