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Polyurethane Foam Injections in Chicago

Safeguard Waterproofing / Ram Jack Illinois

visual explanation of polyurethane

Benefits of Polyurethane:

  • Green – Our polyurethane foam is made of eco-friendly material!
  • Time – Ready to use immediately.
  • Cost effective – Typically about half as much as new concrete.
  • Hole size- Poly uses a 5/’8” hole. Mud jacking 1 5/8” hole.
  • Clean Work Environment – No grout splatter, no heavy equipment driving thru your landscaping.
  • Lightweight – Weighs only 4lbs per cubic foot and never loses its density. While Mud Jacking 100lbs per cubic foot.

Concrete raising benefits

Don’t Replace it, RAISE IT!

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Commonly Asked Questions About Polyurethane Injections

What are the benefits of polyurethane injections for concrete repair, and what advantages do they offer?

Polyurethane injections boast advantages such as swift curing times, high strength, minimal disruption, and exceptional bonding properties, ensuring durable and efficient repairs.

Can polyurethane injections be customized to match the color and finish of the existing concrete?

Certainly, polyurethane injections can be tailored to seamlessly match the color and finish of the existing concrete, delivering a repair that is not only robust but also aesthetically pleasing.

Are polyurethane injections a reliable, long-term solution for addressing concrete repairs?

Yes, polyurethane injections stand as a long-term solution, providing enduring durability that ensures sustained structural support and guards against the emergence of future issues.

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If your concrete structure requires polyurethane injection services, connect with Safeguard Waterproofing - Ram Jack Illinois. Our team offers complimentary inspections and estimates, collaborating with you to craft a personalized solution that aligns with your specific needs and budget.

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