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Elevator Pit Waterproofing With Xypex in Chicago elevator Pit Waterproofing With Xypex

Eliminating the infiltration of water, moisture and moisture vapors in an elevator shaft is essential to protecting the vital equipment located in the shaft from rusting and corrosion, ensuring the elevator runs smoothly. We offer some of the most effective waterproofing methods on the market to protect your elevator from moisture intrusion.

Ram Jack is Arlington Heights and Chicagoland’s leading certified applicator of Xypex. Xypex has been a technology in use for several decades. It is a proven and time-tested method for ensuring that areas enclosed with concrete stay dry.

How Does Xypex Work?

When Ram Jacks certified technicians install Xypex, it reacts with the by-products of cement hydration to form a non-soluble crystalline structure within the pores and capillaries of the concrete. The crystalline structure becomes a permanent integral part of the concrete rendering the concrete waterproof.

Concrete is a naturally porous material. It is filled with little holes and cavities which water can easily penetrate. This is why building a basement or elevator pit below the water table is almost always going to end up damp and full of water unless waterproofing methods are applied.

Xypex actually works to fill the pores and tiny tunnels that cause concrete to act like a sponge. When Xypex is applied to concrete, it hitches a ride on the moisture traveling through the pores. As Xypex enters the holes it reacts with the moisture and the cement forming a crystal structure that is non-porous and waterproof.

Why Should Water Be Removed from an Elevator Pit?

The first reason to eliminate water is to protect the equipment in the shaft. If moisture is present, rust and corrosion can threaten the functionality and safe operation of an elevator. The second reason to remove water is to stay compliant with building codes. An inspector who discovers water intrusion issues in your elevator pit may cite safety violations and have your elevator shut down. This is why elevator pit waterproofing is an essential step in maintaining your elevator.


Before elevator pit waterproofingBefore elevator pit waterproofing


After elevator pit waterproofingAfter elevator pit waterproofing

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