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  • Ram Jack Adds Another P.E.

    Ram Jack Adds Another P.E.
    Ranjith ‘Sam’ Rosenberk, Ph.D, P.E., takes his responsibility as an engineer seriously; it shows in his credentials and desire to further his education to serve the public. Sam, a Ram Jack employee ...
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  • Concrete Pier Failure

    Concrete Pier Failure
    Having a “newly constructed home” does not necessarily mean it will be free from foundation issues. A beautiful new home perched on a hillside on the outskirts of a small urban area in southern ...
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  • Continuing Education (And a Free Lunch)

    Continuing Education (And a Free Lunch)
    Helical piles have many applications in both new construction and remediation of foundations. Common misconceptions may cause an engineer to shy away from using helical piles. Ram Jack offers free ...
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