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Tuscaloosa Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Professionals with the Utmost Standards

Ram Jack® never compromises when it comes to our foundation repair services. We know that having a stable foundation is crucial for the overall stability of your property and your family’s safety, so we take each and every job seriously. Our in-house engineers and experts can come up with a customized foundation repair solution for your property in Tuscaloosa, regardless of your property’s acreage or the degree of foundation damage.

We believe in getting jobs done correctly the first time, so you don’t have to worry about calling our experts out a second time. The repair solutions we create are ICC-ES Certified and designed to last, too. If we do our job correctly, then your home’s foundation should be predictably stable for decades to come.

Foundation solutions we provide include:

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How Do Foundations Get Damaged?

The foundation under your home is usually out of sight and out of mind. If it is strong and durable enough to keep your house upright and level, then it should be tough enough to resist damage, right? Not necessarily.

There are many ways that a foundation can suffer damage in Tuscaloosa, such as:

  • Improper drainage: Drains around your property should swiftly carry away any standing water to the municipal sewer system. If the drainage falters or gets clogged, standing water can begin to pool before soaking into the foundation, which weakens it.
  • Improper soil grading: If the pitch of the ground lead away from the home is not sloped sufficiently, groundwater will begin to saturate the soil near your home's foundation. As the groundwater causes the soil to expand and contract, the pressure on your foundation lead to cracking.
  • Poorly installed rain gutters: The rain gutters around your home are also a key component of your property’s excess water management system. When a gutter is not installed correctly, it can dump the water it collects into a low point on your property, forming a pool.
  • Plumbing leaks: Internal plumbing issues can end up wreaking havoc on your entire home if the leak is significant enough to reach and soak the foundation. Slab leaks – or when a pipe leaks inside the foundation slab itself – are also unfortunately common.
  • Soil saturation: Excess water around your property can soak into the soil around your foundation. Oversaturated soil becomes denser, possibly putting pressure on the foundation and the pipes running through it and causing a leak.
  • Soil shifting: If the ground under your home’s foundation shifts, then it can significantly damage the foundation itself. Areas prone to earthquakes are more likely to encounter soil shift problems, though.

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Warning Signs of Foundation Damage in Tuscaloosa

You probably do not spend much time in your home’s crawlspace. How are you supposed to know if your foundation is damaged and in need of repair if that’s the case? With a little bit of industry knowledge shared by the Tuscaloosa foundation repair experts from Ram Jack, you can spot potential warning signs without going into the crawlspace and contend with creepy crawlies.

A few telltale signs of foundation damage are:

  • Cracks: Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and each interior room to look for cracks. When the foundation starts to shift, it can cause cracks to form in bricks, flooring, drywall, and stucco. Even hairline cracks can indicate a big problem underneath your feet.
  • Gaps: Have you noticed a new draft in one of your rooms? It might be coming from a small gap that formed between the wall and a window frame or doorframe. Gaps like these are often caused by foundational shifts.
  • Leans: Check on your chimney if your home has one. A leaning chimney is a telltale sign that the foundation has moved, either tipping the chimney to one side or by causing it to come apart from the exterior wall.
  • Jams: Doors and windows that do not close smoothly anymore but jam in place instead could also indicate foundation damage. The subtle change in the foundation will misalign doors and windows first in many cases, causing annoying jams.

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