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Perimeter Drains in Birmingham

Perimeter drains are designed to collect the water that accumulates next to the foundation wall of a home. The drain can be installed at the exterior or interior of your home to divert water away from the foundation.

If you need a french drain system installed, our basement waterproofing and crawlspace experts in Birmingham can help you to prevent damage to your foundation from excess moisture building up.

Installing the Outdoor & Landscape Drainage System

A drainage channel (FastDrainTMsystem or equivalent) is installed at the base of the foundation wall and is covered with gravel or crushed stone to intercept seeping moisture and prevent it from entering the interior space.

The drain channel has a positive fall or slope to a collection point called a sump pit. If necessary, a sump pump is installed in the pit and plumbed with PVC pipe to the exterior of the residence and extended to carry the water away from the home. A water-proof membrane is typically applied to the interior face of the foundation to direct the seeping water into the drain channel.

Installation Anywhere Around Basement Walls & Crawlspaces

These drains can be installed around the entire basement foundation as well as any exterior walls of the crawl space of your home. Nearly all components of the system are hidden from view, making for a reduced cost and an effective alternative to exterior water-proofing replacement.

Interior interceptor drain under construction

Interior interceptor drain under construction

Exterior perimeter drain under construction

Exterior perimeter drain under construction

Completed interior basement drain system

Completed interior basement drain system

Interior perimeter drain

Interior Perimeter Drain

Contact us at (205) 509-3119 today for info on installing a perimeter drain system in Birmingham.

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