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Driven Piles

Professional Pile Driving in Birmingham

Push PiersA push pier is a steel shaft that provides foundation support for various types of structures. The piers are hydraulically driven into the ground to a stronger, more suitable soil. Ram Jack deep-driven steel push piers are 2-7/8″ diameter sectional pipe piles. The piles are manufactured from high strength carbon steel tubing into standard lengths of 3, 5 and 7 feet, with couplings on the ends to allow them to be connected together to achieve the necessary depth. They are coated with a polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic powder coating for corrosion protection.


Ram Jack steel piers are used to transfer loads from the soil near the surface to deeper, more suitable load-bearing strata below. They typically are used in conjunction with various foundation attachment brackets to underpin foundations of existing structures. They are most often used to underpin distressed, settling foundations on residential homes or commercial structures.


Ram Jack steel piers are driven into the soil by means of two hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic cylinders normally connect to a foundation attachment bracket at their fullest extension and to the pier through a gripping attachment. As the cylinders are retracted, the cylinders pull down on the pier; the foundation provides the reaction for the upward force created when the piers are driven down into the soil. The pier is driven until the driving resistance indicates the pier is founded on a sufficiently hard stratum to provide the needed foundation support. Each pier is load-tested as it is installed. The load is measured using a pressure gauge and recorded as each pipe section is added.

Push piers lifting (yellow) and helical piers (silver) holding back foundation.

Push piers lifting (yellow) and helical piers (silver) holding back foundation.


  • Can be loaded immediately after install, thereby shortening the job schedule and reducing costs
  • No weather delays
  • Installation requires no excavation
  • Installation utilizes no impact forces and produces no vibration, which minimizes the risk of damage to adjacent structures
  • Installation produces no spoils to be disposed of or re-mediated
  • Installation equipment is small and lightweight allowing work in tight quarters and on soft surface conditions
  • Quick, one-stop installation

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