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Bowed/Bulging Basement Wall Repair

Support Basement Walls in Birmingham

Basement walls are like retaining walls in that they resist lateral soil pressure. These walls often develop horizontal cracks which usually indicate a major structural problem. These cracks form as the wall bends or bulges inward from the lateral soil pressure. Once a horizontal crack forms, the basement wall has lost all appreciable bending strength and some type of repair needs to be implemented. Depending on the amount of physical distortion, typical repairs might entail installing helical tieback anchors or reinforcing the interior face of the foundation wall with straps of carbon-fiber that are adhered onto the will with epoxy. These straps take the place of reinforcing steel bars and will provide permanent support.

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  • Epoxy injection - foundation wall crack repair
    Epoxy injection
  • Schematic view of typical carob-fiber repair Adhesive being applied to carbon fiber strap
    Schematic view of carob-fiber repair
  • Adhesive being applied to carbon fiber strap
    Adesive applied to carbon-fiber strap
  • Completely failed basement wall, temporarily shored with wood studs
    Failed basement wall, temporarily shored with wood studs
  • Cracked and bowed masonry basement wall
    Cracked & bowed masonry basement wall
  • Carbon fiber straps being applied to masonry wall
    Carbon-fiber straps being applied to masonry wall

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