Foundation Water Intrusion Repair


Older homes often suffer water infiltration through the foundation walls due to the lack of damp proofing at the time of construction, or simply due to the age of the structure. Exterior waterproofing uses a spray-applied tar-type damp proofing material or a waterproofing membrane (Bituthene). The membrane is adhered directly to the exterior of the foundation wall. Either application requires complete excavation of the exterior of the foundation wall at the area requiring waterproofing. In our opinion, and the market research we have done, exterior waterproofing of a foundation wall is the best method of keeping water from entering your home through the foundation walls. This application is typically used on older homes, and is available for any age of structure.

Water seeping through foundation wall Water seeping through foundation wall.
Traditional new construction damp-proofing Traditional new construction damp-proofing. Can also be performed on existing homes.

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