Crawl Space Encapsulation


Wet or humid crawlspaces are a common problem with houses in our area. The source of moisture can be associated with poor drainage around the home, but a relatively unknown problem stems from foundation ventilation. Building scientists are now warning that people living in the hot, humid southeastern portion of the United States should not be ventilating crawlspaces. Introducing warm humid air into a cool, dark crawlspace causes moisture to condense on the cold air conditioning ductwork, wood floor system, ground surface and foundation. As this condensation collects over time, the humidity in the crawlspace rises and this can lead to mold and fungal growth on the wood floor system. This in turn can lead to dry rot or fungal decay. It is also the primary cause of cupped hardwood flooring inside the home. The best repair for humid/wet crawl spaces is to install an encapsulation system, such as our Moisture Block. This entails cleaning the crawl space of all trash/debris, installing perimeter drains when deemed necessary, then completely covering the ground with a thick, reinforced, polyethylene vapor barrier that is extended up and sealed to the interior/perimeter foundation system. This blocks all ground moisture and outside air from entering the crawl space atmosphere. In some cases a dehumidifier can be installed to lower the humidity levels in the crawl space, especially when the wood floor system has taken on excessive

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Completed encapsulation systems with dehumidifier
Completed encapsulation systems without dehumidifier
Excessive moisture in crawl spaces from condensation and ground-based moisture vapor
Excessive moisture in crawl spaces from condensation and ground-based moisture vapor

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