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Having a trustworthy foundation underneath your home is crucial for a safe and structurally sound home. In light of this, Alabama Ram Jack is committed to never compromising or cutting corners when it comes to providing foundation repair services. No matter what the condition or size of your Huntsville home may be, our team of engineers can provide a custom-designed solution to repair or reinforce the foundation.

Our company was founded in order to provide better, longer-lasting solutions for the structural integrity of homes and businesses. Our American-made products are built to provide stability and protection for decades.

To learn more about our foundation services in Huntsville, give us a call at (205) 509-3119 today.

What Sets Alabama Ram Jack Apart?

  • Quality inspections & on-site estimates: Get a clear idea of the exact problem with a foundation inspection from one of our experts. Our staff will take elevation readings to determine what should be done next.
  • Ram Jack national limited lifetime warranty: You can feel confident that your investment is protected by our limited lifetime warranty.
  • ISO Compliant & ICC-ES Certified: Our products meet (or exceed) standards for ISO Compliance. They are also ICC ES Certified.
  • American-made. Our materials and steel are manufactured in the U.S. in order to provide the highest possible quality.

Signs That You May Have Foundation Problems

If you are thinking about calling our team for a professional foundation inspection in Huntsville, there are several different items you can look out for. These signs often indicate that the foundation has moved or that there is a structural problem of some kind.

  • You see cracks on exterior walls or brickwork
  • You see cracks on the inside of your home in the drywall or on the ceiling
  • Your windows or doors are misaligned and are resistant to closing or opening
  • Your floors are bouncy, uneven, or sloping
  • You see gaps around the base of your home
  • Your crawlspace is damp or wet
  • Your countertops or cabinets are coming off the wall
  • Your basement or crawlspace walls are bowing/bending
  • Your chimney is cracked or leaning

For assistance with home foundation repair, get in touch with our Huntsville foundation contractors by calling (205) 509-3119 or schedule an appointment.

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