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Ram Jack Now Offers an EZ-PAY Program

Use the Industry’s First EZ-PAY Program for Your Foundation Repairs

Foundation repairs are costly regardless with whom you select to repair your home, which is why Ram Jack is now the only repair company that offers an EZ-PAY Program for all your foundation repair needs. Don’t be stuck with not having enough money to do the foundation repairs properly. Repairing your home correctly using our industry-leading, patented foundation repair systems enables you to retain your home’s full market and resale value and will give you peace of mind. Repairing your home incorrectly may save you money now, but it will cost you later when the inferior products and installation cause post-repair structural failure.

Ram Jack’s EZ-PAY Program provides you with the ability to complete your foundation repairs now. Restoring your home back to its original condition, without compromising the quality or technique of the repairs, should be your only goal. With Ram Jack, you can now achieve that goal without being concerned about not having enough money for the repairs.

Use the funds to pay for the following:

  • All Foundation Repairs
  • Flooring Replacement
  • Drywall Repairs
  • Waterproofing
  • Most other repairs on your home

Please contact us at 877-875-2171 for more information on our EZ-PAY Program. It normally takes 72 hours to obtain approval, so call us today to start the application process. The EZ-PAY Program is subject to certain terms and conditions.

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    20 Patterson St Falkville, AL 35622
    "Great crew and they did a great job! I am very satisfied with the job."
  • 0 5 5.0
    20 Patterson St Falkville, AL 35622
    "Crew did a very good job and were very respectful of our property."
  • 0 5 5.0
    20 Patterson St Falkville, AL 35622
    "They did excellent workmanship in a timely fashion."
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