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Extended periods of wet weather can cause many homeowners to experience water problems in their basements. Unwanted water intrusion can result in a damp, musty basement becoming unhealthy and unusable.

If you are in need of an effective basement waterproofing solution, call our experts for an on-site evaluation today. Ram Jack of Maryland & D.C. has affordable and durable basement waterproofing services for homes in your local area. Get your basement back to a healthy, usable space today.

Call (410) 762-4293 or click HERE to schedule your on-site estimate and evaluation! We offer services throughout MD and the District of Columbia.

At our Maryland & D.C. location, customer satisfaction takes top priority, and we demonstrate this by offering lifetime limited warranty coverage. we go the extra mile to provide customers peace of mind by installing steel piles specifically designed to remain stable. If you have concerns about foundation movement, our dedicated dealers will promptly inspect, adjust, or replace a pile and its associated bracket as necessary. Moreover, we will thoroughly assess your property for any signs of soil movement beyond their previous work.
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As a homeowner, we all want to make sure our homes are protected against deterioration and damage. When you find water coming into your home, it can be alarming and overwhelming. But don't worry...Ram Jack can help!

Signs of water problems you should not ignore:

  • Water frequently enters your basement after periods of rain
  • Cracks forming on your walls and home exterior
  • Basement windows and doors don’t open consistently
  • Mold growth in specific areas of your basement
  • Musty smells throughout your basement
  • Carpets and other surfaces are constantly damp

Don’t wait! Small problems now can become large problems later.

Now is the best time to implement basement waterproofing to avoid potential long-term water damage. When you call Ram Jack of Maryland & D.C., you can trust that we will go the extra mile to provide effective and lasting solutions.


Basement water leaks can be a frustrating and damaging issue for homeowners, leading to moisture problems, mold growth, and potential structural damage. Understanding the common causes of basement water leaks is essential to address the problem effectively and prevent further issues. Here are the primary reasons behind basement water leaks:

  • Poor Exterior Drainage: Inadequate grading or improper gutter systems can direct rainwater towards the foundation, causing water to seep into the basement.
  • Cracks in Foundation Walls: Over time, foundation walls can develop cracks due to settlement, hydrostatic pressure, or freeze-thaw cycles, allowing water to penetrate the basement.
  • Faulty or Missing Waterproofing Membrane: If the basement's waterproofing membrane is damaged, improperly installed, or missing, it cannot provide a barrier against water intrusion.
  • Clogged or Missing Downspouts: Clogged or missing downspouts prevent proper water drainage, leading to water pooling near the foundation and increasing the risk of leaks.
  • Leaking Basement Windows: Poorly sealed or damaged basement windows can permit water to enter during rainfall or when snow melts.
  • Burst or Leaking Pipes: Plumbing leaks within the walls or beneath the basement floor can cause water to seep into the basement.


Our comprehensive waterproofing process involves:

  • Installing interior and exterior drain tiles that prevent seepage
  • Installing sump pump and battery backup systems
  • Performing yard drainage to avoid lawn damage
  • Repairing foundation damage

We serve local homeowners throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia, including Annapolis, Baltimore, Frederick, Towson, Columbia, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Bel Air, Silver Spring, Gaithersburg, and beyond.

For expert waterproofing services near you, call (410) 762-4293 or request an appointment online.

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