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Basement Waterproofing in Maryland and Washington DC

basement Waterproofing Services

Extended periods of wet weather can cause many homeowners to experience water problems in their basements. Unwanted water intrusion can result in a damp, musty basement becoming unhealthy and unusable. If you are experiencing basement waterproofing issues, call Ram Jack for an on-site evaluation today. Ram Jack of Maryland & D.C. has affordable and durable basement waterproofing services for homes in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Get your basement back to a healthy, usable space today. Call or click our contact form today to schedule your on-site estimate and evaluation!

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Reasons Why You Need Waterproofing for Your Foundation or Basement

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to ensure your home is safeguarded against deterioration and damage. You shouldn’t have to worry about floods or excessive water invading your basement and wreaking havoc on your property’s structural integrity.

Reasons you need our waterproofing services include:

  • Frequent basement flooding every year
  • Cracks forming on your walls and home exterior
  • Basement windows and doors don’t open consistently
  • Mold growth in specific areas of your basement
  • Musty smells throughout your basement
  • Carpets and other surfaces are constantly damp

Don’t wait! Small problems now can become large problems later. Now is the best time to implement basement waterproofing to avoid potential long-term water damage.

flooded basement in Annapolis

What You Can Expect from Ram Jack Waterproofing Experts

Our comprehensive waterproofing process involves:

  • Installing interior and exterior drain tiles that prevent seepage
  • Installing sump pump and battery backup systems
  • Performing yard drainage to avoid lawn damage
  • Repairing foundation damage

For expert waterproofing services in Maryland or Washington, DC call (410) 762-4293 or request an appointment today.