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Case Studies Secure Marina

Deep in the heart of Pennsylvania, the Ridley Park Project was set to begin. This project included a new construction, waterfront restaurant and would prove to be a lucrative business opportunity for the town and the property owners. Like many large projects of this magnitude, everything doesn’t always go according to plan. This project was set to be situated on a marina, just 20 feet away from the river groundwater. Ram Jack was called being thatstructure and safety is the first concern

Ram Jack Solutions

Awaiting permission to initiate the building process, Ram Jack was called upon to assemble a plan of action to make sure the area was safe, and to confirm that a building so close to the water’s edge would withstand the test of time. Ram Jack’steam was happy to collaborate and work with J. Barbato and Associates for initial assistance with the structural design, as well as DoLente & Sons to help with the concrete work.

Ram Jack Tri-States proposed a full-circle solution that included the installation of 283 helical piles, consisting of shaft diameters over 3 ½ inches thick, in order to support the caps. Grade beams and a structural floor was another necessary step in the process to ensure the protection and strength of the structure.

Looking Back

Upon completion of the project, Ram Jack Tri-States’ predictions were spot on, with no errors to note and perfect installation. With an average depth of thirty feet, each helical pile was successfully inserted and used to protect the new construction. Over the course of two months, their team worked tirelessly to ensure the project went off without a hitch and was completed with ease.

The necessary steps proved to be exactly what the building needed in order for total safety to be declared. With river groundwater no longer a threat, the restaurant was free to be built without any concerns or issues with it’s foundation.

Ram Jack has been effectively providing foundation support to homes and businesses across the country for over 40 years. We have proudly filed over 20 patents to supplement both our technology and our work, and we continue to innovate each and every day. We pride ourselves on finding the solution best fit for your structure, and always have quality and safety top of mind. To learn more about how you can locate a Ram Jack contractor near you,visit us here or call us directly at 888-330-2597