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Case Studies Helical Tieback Retaining Wall Saves The Day

The Titan Homes Project , in Houston Texas was a failure of an existing 10’ Retaining Wall next to a creek. The original engineer of record did not design the wall or straight shaft footings deep enough for the existing soil conditions. Stiver Engineering, with assistance from Fortified Engineering, designed a helical tieback system to secure the existing wall and extend downward with tiebacks and shotcrete to a total depth of 27’.

Time was of the essence since the wall was moving outward and down about an ½ inch per month. Additionally, Titan Homes had constructed 3 story condos on bell bottom piers 20’ from the existing wall. This made the tieback pile layout a challenge. Ramjack installed (315) 2 7/8” Threaded Connection tiebacks using (105) tieback connection plates with wedge washers and (210) 4079 New Construction Brackets to a depth of 40’.

Ramjack also installed (10) 2 7/8” Threaded Connection helicals with 4021 brackets, to a depth of 33’, to stop the downward movement of the wall. (105) 4” holes had to be cored in the existing wall with excavation of 4’ behind the wall to install tiebacks at a 15 degree angle.

Fortified Engineering designed a 10"x10" whaler to help support the top section of the existing wall due to cracking. They also performed (3) different tension tests on the tiebacks at the different sections in which all test passed. Ramjack fought many days of rain and heat but installed the project on-time and with-in budget.