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Case Studies Driven Piles Support Sunken Alaskan Foundation

Alaskan Home Lifted 18 in. to Maximum Practical Recovery

Anchorage, AK

As with many locations in Alaska, Ketchikan boasts scenic surroundings as it’s situated along the Inside Passage, a cruise route well-traveled. Having a home in this charming setting does not rule out the possibility of foundation damage leaving a home with safety and cosmetic issues.

The two-story wood-frame house sits on a hillside consisting of 14 ft. of fill dirt. Although the home sits on a fairly large raised foundation with five (5) ft. stem walls, the house had settled as much as 18 inches in some places. The homeowner contacted Ram Jack West, based in Seattle, to find a solution to save the structure.

Ram Jack West teamed up with Ram Jack Pacific to develop the repair plan to stabilize the home by placing 13 driven piles around the perimeter of the structure.

Due to the confined work area around the home, all holes were dug by hand. The 13 driven piles were strategically placed and driven to appropriate pressures. The house was lifted 18 in. for maximum practical recovery.

Download the full case study in PDF format.